Who is Leah?

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Who is Leah & why should I help?

     Most of you know Leah Mangue as a wonderful sketch card artist.  She has worked on several licensed products with companies such as Topps and Breygent.  Her artwork is sought out by collectors as the "cream of the crop" in sketch card collecting.  To see samples of her work, click one of the links under the Star Trek Art on the right.

     Leah and her family are in danger of losing their home, as they fell behind on payments for their land lease.  The land owners have the right to take their home, sell it, as well as the rights to all profit beyond the sale of the house!

    Please donate to help her so that the threat of this loss does not become a reality. Your few dollars will help make a difference!

    We ("we" being Leah's friends and fans of her art) are not asking for much.  The "Donate" button is for a fixed amount of  $3.00 US funds.  If everyone who finds this page could donate that much, then we may be able to save Leah and her family from losing their home. If you want to donate more, there is not a limit on how many times the "Donate" button can be clicked on;  and we certainly would not frown upon it.  

All donations will go directly into Leah's paypal account. There is no go between or middleman.  Remember, every few dollars will help!